A Pumpkin Recipe I Make Every Year In Amarillo
I know. I know. Everything is pumpkin this time of year. Oh, and I love it. I am a fan. I really am. I just end up finding more recipes including pumpkin for desserts or drinks. Imagine my surprise when I found one that I can serve for dinner. My family loves it.
One Big Cookie
Some days you want a cookie.  You don't want a dozen cookies that sit around the house and tease and tempt you, you just want one cookie.  Why waste the ingredients making a huge batch when you can make one cookie.  I mean you can make a cake in a mug, why not just make one cooki…
Easy Comfort Food – Beef Stroganoff
Since Fall is around the corner it is time to start craving comfort foods.   After we had a cool spell last week I kept craving one thing.  That one thing was Beef Stroganoff.  So, over the weekend I gave into my craving and cooked up a batch.
National Oatmeal Cookie Day! [POLL]
So it is National Oatmeal Cookie Day and either you love oatmeal cookies or you don't.  The oatmeal cookie has a tendency to be a love/hate relationship.  So in honor of oatmeal cookie day I thought I would share my grandmother's recipe.