You know the feeling. You go shopping and do so well with all the foods you bought. Oops and then a week or so later you end up throwing some of that food out.

What a waste! You had such good intentions. What actually happened? How did it go so wrong?

First know you are not alone. About 94% of us admit that we do, in fact, waste food. That wasted food adds up to about 250 pounds of food per person. Take in to account we do this every single year and it adds up! Fast.

So what can you do to be a better foodie? I mean let's face it wasting food is wasting money too.

First you need to organize your fridge. Make sure that stuff that is older is closer up front. So you don't forget about them and get them eaten pronto. Put the fresher stuff in back.

Also know that cheese and yogurt stay fresher on the top shelf. Make sure you also put fruits and veggies in the drawer towards the bottom. Oh and keep your milk in the fridge not on the door. The constant opening and shutting of the fridge makes the temperature fluctuate and could speed up the process of it going bad.

Maybe you notice you have squash in the fridge that is about to go bad, but you have nothing to do with it. Well here is where google and Pinterest can save you. Search for recipes and get to cooking. Don't waste food just because you don't have a recipe.

If you just can't get all the food eaten in time well don't be afraid to use your freezer. Get the stuff moved in time. If you have a Food Saver that can prolong the use of the food too. If not just find an air tight container. Most stuff tastes just as good once they are thawed and reheated.

So it is easy to forget about stuff and then have to throw them out. Let's make an effort to do better and save food and money.

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