There are times that you see something in Amarillo. Sometimes it is something in your own back yard so to speak. You want to notify someone. The problem is you don't know who to call. You don't want to be on this endless "please hold" while they transfer you to someone else.

The good news is that the City of Amarillo is here to help. I was excited to find a post that they shared the other day. You need someone to haul out trash from your alley? They listed that number.

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You need complain about your neighbor who just won't mow their lawn. That can be an issue. Or there are loose dogs that you don't want to get hit and you want them safe. Or even a dangerous dog in the area. There are separate lines for all of these. The important thing is you know who to call. So this is really handy to know.

I know you may think that only a Karen would call about these different topics but no not really. These calls can sometimes be important.

If you need to get some large objects picked up in the trash. If you have those tree limbs or a mattress or such. You leave it in your front yard and call Solid Waste at 806-378-6813. That is also the number to call if you have a dumpster in your alley and people love to dump their stuff there outside it. They are not supposed to but still call that number.

There was a time that I was trying to sell my home in Wolflin. I had one neighbor who wasn't complying to actually mowing. I mean it was bad. So I had to hunt down the number to call to have the city make they mow. I didn't want my house to not sell. Luckily once it did sell those neighbors moved too. That number that I used was for Building Safety 806-378-3041.

There is also another number you call if you have a water leak in your alley. Another number if you see someone not taking care of their animals. This graphic is really helpful. I have decided to save and keep for any future issues.

credit: City of Amarillo
credit: City of Amarillo

So thank you to the City of Amarillo for giving us an easy way to know who to call and in what situation.

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