Well in answer to that question....yes. You can and probably are eating chocolate wrong.

The crazy part is there are several things we are doing wrong when it comes to eating chocolate.

We need to stop chewing it so much. Did you know that you will taste the delicious taste that is chocolate if we just chew it less? Let it dissolve by sucking on it. You need to even press is up on the roof of you mouth.

Eat smaller pieces. You don't need a huge chunk of chocolate to appreciate it. If you break it up into smaller pieces it actually starts releasing aromas. Those aromas mean that you will taste it more. Who doesn't want to full taste of the chocolate anyway?

The taste of chocolate will taste even better if you smell it first. Just like drinking wine, the experts say that you should smell it before you pop it in your mouth. Smelling it will prime up your taste buds and in turn you will end up with more of the flavor.

You really want to enjoy the chocolate and all of the health benefits and the oxidants you gain with it. So you need to also stop washing it down to fast. The taste of chocolate should last a long time if you let it. So if you keep the flavor longer without eating more it will really help you by saving calories.

Chocolate really can be a wonderful thing if you let it be.


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