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Girl Does Not Meet World
I kind of, just a little, teeny, tiny, bit loathe myself for what I'm about to say. But here it is.
I do not like "Girl Meets World."
At all.
Mister Rogers Gets Auto-Tuned [VIDEO]
If you haven't seen this video, Mister Rogers gets a auto tuned twist.  It is a pretty awesome video.  It makes you want to take a ride on Trolley into the Land of Make Believe.  This video will blow the garden of your mind!
Saturday Night Live May Be Losing Cast Members [POLL]
I'll be honest, I still watch Saturday Night Live.  I don't watch it live, however, since I like to fast forward through commercials and that show has a bunch.  Plus, I can fast forward through the skits or music artists that are boring .  A rumor has been floating around th…

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