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Holy Trivia, Batman! Fun Facts From The 1966 TV Series
It was one of the campiest shows to hit TV in 1966.
Adam West and Burt Ward would take TV and pop culture by storm for 120 episodes of Batman.
The popularity of this show is what made 'Lost in Space' shift gears from a dramatic show (Season one) into a more comedic one (Season two and three)…
10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Family Matters'
Sure, you ate Urkel-O's and can do a fairly spot-on "Did I do thaaaat??" But how well do you really know 'Family Matters'? We've culled together some not-so-common knowledge on the show to see if you're a genuine nerd, or just a Stefan in disguise...
Mister Rogers Gets Auto-Tuned [VIDEO]
If you haven't seen this video, Mister Rogers gets a auto tuned twist.  It is a pretty awesome video.  It makes you want to take a ride on Trolley into the Land of Make Believe.  This video will blow the garden of your mind!
Saturday Night Live May Be Losing Cast Members [POLL]
I'll be honest, I still watch Saturday Night Live.  I don't watch it live, however, since I like to fast forward through commercials and that show has a bunch.  Plus, I can fast forward through the skits or music artists that are boring .  A rumor has been floating around th…

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