Gas prices are high and that is something we all have to deal with, on a daily basis.  However, when it comes to planning your summer vacations, gas prices and gas cost is a determining factor on where you will be taking your trip.  So my co-worker asked me yesterday how much I thought it would cost to get from Point A to Point B in gas.  I had no idea and thought I would do some research and I did.  I found this great site that can help you determine your gas costs and I wanted to share that with you.

Wavebreak Media
Wavebreak Media

Say you wanted to take a trip to Arlington from Amarillo to go to Six Flags.  You have already determined your ticket costs, hotel costs and meal costs now you need to figure out how much gas it is going to cost to get to Arlington.

I found a website called

1. You just type in your address and the address of your destination

2. Find the Make, Model and Year of your vehicle.

3. Click the Fuel My Trip Button

It will calculate what it will cost you in gas money to get to your destination.  It will also tell you the best places to stop with the cheapest gas on the way.

It's pretty cool if you ask me and I will definitely be using this when I plan our summer getaway vacation.


Speaking of summer vacations, we have your chance to win a weekend getaway to the Gaylord Texan.  If you drive a small SUV like a Toyota Venza gas to get you there and back will only cost $90.79.  Win the package and you are only out on gas, lunch and dinner, and spending money.

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