This scenario, about not giving up or giving up in light of horrible circumstances, sounds like something out of one of Taylor Swift‘s songs. The singer got asked to prom by Kevin McGuire, a teen who is fighting cancer for the second time in his life.

While the medication known as methotrexate, which McGuire requires in order to help save his life, is scarce since it’s expensive to produce and the profit margin is weak (which really sucks, since he is being denied a course of treatment based on profit and loss), that hasn’t stopped him from living each day to the fullest. Nor has it lessened his desire to take Swift to prom. In fact, he has mounted a full-on campaign, with the help of a sibling.

McGuire, who is 18 and resides in southern New Jersey, was diagnosed with leukemia when he was just 13. He went into remission in 2010, but had a relapse this year. Even so, he still plays sports for his school and keeps a positive attitude. He is happily making plans for prom and hopes they include Swift. Talk about not letting cancer get you down!

Huffington Post reports that in light of this devastating diagnosis, his sister Victoria launched a Facebook page detailing his desire to squire Swift on his arm for one night. She pointed out that nothing makes her brother as happy as Swift.

How could the ‘The Story of Us’ singer not do her best to put on her favorite glamorous dress, trek to Jersey and accompany McGuire to prom? She has such a big heart that we would not be shocked if she makes a date in Jersey in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed that the power of social media works in a good way here and word of this viral campaign makes it back to Swift.

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