Going to the bathroom is one of the things that keeps us healthy.  Not using the bathroom can lead to urinary infections and kidney problems.  So how is it an educator can limit the bathroom use to her students to only 3 times per week.  Seriously, 3 times per week.


School is five days per week which means, students could not use the bathroom at all at least 2 days a week.

According to NBC NewYork.com:

Under Warner’s potty policy, students are given three vouchers a week that entitle them to bathroom visits. A poster hanging on her classroom wall outlines the bathroom rules and explains that students who do not use all three of the vouchers may hand in leftover ones at the end of the week in exchange for tickets they can redeem for small prizes.

I understand kids can abuse potty privileges and disrupt the class to ask to go to the bathroom, but rewarding a child for not using the restroom, seems like a bad idea all around.

As a parent how would you feel if you found out your child's teacher only allowed them restroom time 3 times per week and rewarded the child by not using it?

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