There are a lot of things that are being affected because of the virus. There are things being cancelled. There are things being postponed. We are working a way we may have never dreamed was even possible.

Welcome to 2020 and the year of changes. We have kids that are missing proms and graduations. We are getting used to a lot. Apparently our bodies are going through a lot too. You may have heard of the Quarantine 15. It's like the college 15 but it is happening to a lot of us right now. We are gaining weight and putting a lot on our bodies.

This shouldn't be surprising that we are having trouble going to the bathroom too. Another new but real term is the quarantine constipation. We are getting used to a whole new regimen. We may have been on a regular bathroom schedule but now our whole life is turned upside down and that messes with that schedule as well.

We are not moving around as much as we have before. That messes with our body too. So what can we do to get our body back and in action? We need to work on our diets first. It is not helping us at all if we are eating a lot of junk food. We need to stay away from as much processed foods as possible. Eat more vegetables and fruits.

We need to start moving more. Even if it is just a walk around your neighborhood. Our bodies are not meant to sit and stare at our computer or TV all day. The more active you are the less problems you will have in the bathroom.

Hydration is important too. No, I am not saying to grab a beer or two. Keep that water flowing too and that can el you get things moving again. If all else fails grab a cup of coffee too.

What else seems to help in this situation? Comment below.

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