toilet paper

Charmin Wants You To Enjoy Your Go -Really?!?
So when it comes to going to the bathroom, that is just something most people don't talk about.  However, as I was doing my business the other day, I noticed the packaging on the toilet paper in our ladies bathroom.  All I have to say is really, do we as people really want to enjoy th…
Let’s Talk Toilet Paper
I know toilet paper isn't a topic of everyday conversation unless it comes from someone screaming, "Mom! we're out of toilet paper."  However, something just dawned on me yesterday on the topic of toilet paper.
Are You Getting Ripped Off at the Grocery Store
I find myself at the grocery store spending a ton of money.  Then in a few days a lot of the stuff I buy is gone.  Why is that?  I'm buying the same stuff, why isn't it lasting longer?  I realized that I may be getting ripped off and so are you and here is why