I had to go to Dallas recently to help my daughter move. I have said this time and time again. She has been out of work since March 10th with no end in site. Her lease was up and so the move had to happen.

The one good thing I got to do among all this "working from home" situation was the ability to stay longer. I could still get my work done and make sure this mamma bear had her baby girl taken care of.

While I was in Dallas they announced the Shelter In Place was extended until May 20th. May 20th. That hasn't happened in Amarillo yet....but I feel it will. I can not leave my child in a city about six hours away without the ability to make sure she can take care of herself.

So that means to make sure she has enough groceries to help her stay home for the next month. We did not panic buy. We didn't have to buy toilet paper. She had some already. She just needed food. While I was in town we ate out a lot and supported local.

Being a server I wanted to do that. I try to support local when I am in Amarillo too. Usually I cook at home but right now I want to help businesses that are in my daughter's situation. So once I got back home to Amarillo Faith will have to fend for herself. So she needed food in her pantry.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

She also needed to learn to fend by using what I have provided for her in her freezer and fridge.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


She will be cooking from home a lot. Something she needs to do. I may have bought a lot of stuff but who knows how much longer. It's already been extended to May 20th. Come on folks. Stay home! Get out for food and the essentials. Let's say goodbye to Covid-19.

credit : Melissa Bartlett, TSM