If you still haven't heard about pickleball, I don't know where you've been hiding. It's the sport that's been sweeping the world for the past several years. It's almost like playing badminton with a wiffle ball. You have a racket, and you hit a hollow plastic ball back and forth over a net.

Texas happens to be among the best, and the worst, for pickleball players.

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Congrats To Texas For Having The #2 Spot For Pickleball!

According to a study that was done by the fine folks at Lawn Love, Texas actually has one of the absolute best spots in the nation for playing pickleball. If you're looking for a game, head to our state capital.

Photo by Joan Azeka on Unsplash
Photo by Joan Azeka on Unsplash

Austin, Texas is the second best city in the US for the sport.

The criteria they used to come up with the results are access, community, and popularity. Austin did really well when it comes to their community and the popularity of the sport.

Texas Has Two Of The Worst Cities For Pickleball

If there's a best, then there has to be another side of the coin. In Texas, two of our cities fall on that "not the best" side of the coin.

Laredo, Texas was the second worst city in the nation for pickleball. That's pretty rough.

Pasadena, Texas came in as the sixth worst city in the nation for pickleball. Basically, the things that Austin was really good at, these cities weren't.

There are plenty of places to play pickleball; pretty much anywhere you go. The game has taken on a life of its own, and it's only getting more popular as time goes on.

There's even a reality show dedicated to it.

You can see the study for yourself, here.

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