Texas is full of urban legends, ghost stories, and myths about everything from dogmen to haunted saloons. In East Texas, there are stories of something lurking among the pines. In the darkness of the forest, a massive monster is thought to be stalking its prey. This is the backdrop for a new horror film scheduled to begin production in the Lone Star State.

The Monsters Supposedly Living In East Texas

East Texas is supposedly home to the most sightings of Big Foot across the Lone Star State. It's understandable. Having lived in East Texas, I can confirm the pines would be a great place to hide if you were some kind of missing link that just wanted to be left alone.

Big Feat Films is using East Texas as its backdrop for the upcoming film, The Beast of Trinity Texas. Judging from what can be found about the film, we can expect something resembling the sasquatch of East Texas to be making an appearance.

The Beast Of Trinity Texas Set To Begin Production In Under 3 Months

When you check out the website for The Beast of Trinity Texas, you're immediately greeted by the face of what appears to be something that might resemble a squatch. When you look at the film's logo, it has a silhouette of something you could say looks like Big Foot.

The film revolves around a series of murders that "point to a mythical beast." What's interesting is that the description doesn't end with the usual monster movie fare. Instead, it describes a descent through a web of deception to get to the bottom of the murders; which leads us back to the original question of whether or not Big Foot exists.

The website has a countdown to the beginning of production, and we're still 80 days away. You can keep up with their progress by following this link.

Notable East Texas Legends

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