Not only does Amarillo have a huge amount of restaurants, we have many great eateries that feature outdoor patios. Whether you are chowing down along 6th Street, or downtown on Polk, there are no shortage of patios, and especially ones that allow dogs. Over 40 establishments in Amarillo are currently pet friendly, and that number keeps growing. In the state of Texas, Amarillo is one of the most dog friendly cities when it comes to allowing dogs to sit with their owners outdoors. A new state law that went into effect this month, is making it easier in other cities as well.

While it is still up to the individual establishment whether they want to allow pets on patios, the new law opens the doors for pet owners in communities where it was previously not allowed. If a restaurant patio is pet friendly, the establishment must post a sign that notifies the public of the new law. Pets will still not be allowed indoors and must enter through outside access only.

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