In Texas, we see a wide variety of natural disasters. From tornadoes and flooding, to earthquakes and hurricanes. We get a bit of it all in the Lone Star State. In a recent study that was done, Texas ranked high in states most impacted by natural disasters.

In fact, we're in the top 3.

Texas Is 3rd Most Impacted By Natural Disasters

In a study that was done recently by WalletHub, Texas came in at number 3 when it comes to states impacted by natural disasters. It makes sense, but it was a little surprising.

The Lone Star State is massive. We've got everything you could want. Deserts. Mountains. Beaches. Plains. So it makes sense that we would see pretty much every kind of natural disaster you could expect to have.

Tornadoes affect a big portion of the state, while others worry about hurricane season in a way some of us can't comprehend. Wildfires are constant worry from some, while in the winter blizzard like conditions can make everything grind to a halt.

What surprised me is that we aren't higher on the list.

Which States Beat Out Texas For Most Impacted By Natural Disasters

The state that is most impacted is Mississippi, according to their study. The second most impacted is Louisiana.

They made their judgements based on two metrics. The first is the number of climate disasters that caused $1 billion or more in damage between 1980 and 2023.

The second is the loss amount from climate disasters causing $1 billion or more in damage per capita.

What's interesting is that Texas has, according to the study, only one event between 1980 and 2023 that caused $1 billion or more in damage. The loss amount is where Texas scored high.

You can see more of the study by following this link.

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