It works in the movies, so it has to work in real life.

Police in Kyle, Texas are currently looking for another suspect at a recent attempted burglary at a Target. One suspect was arrested already, 37-year-old Dustin Ammons is behind bars and charged with Burglary of Building and Felony Criminal Mischief. Looks like Dustin and this other suspect cut a hole in the roof of Target.

Dustin was then lowered down like Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible'. Dustin then allegedly began smashing electronic cases open and loading duffle bags up with items. Officers were alerted of alarms at the store and got in and found Dustin attempting to hide behind a shoe rack. Looks like Dustin had a whole spy thing going on because he had a two-way radio with the other suspect who was able to get away.

The other suspect is still at large and anyone with information should call the Kyle Police department.


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