We all know the dangers of drinking. The dangers get even worse if you decide to drink underage. For whatever reason you think it is a rite of passage. Well if that includes jail time than great.

The Amarillo Police Department is launching an initiative that begins this weekend. Maybe the weekend was chosen because it's Halloween. Maybe it is even because we have been cooped in all week long. Whatever the reason just know to stay away from the alcohol. You can have a Halloween Party without it and need to if you are under twenty one.

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We all know that alcohol and groups of young people do not mix. There ends up being a lot more fights, accidents, lives lost and assaults. So the police will be looking for parties to break up. They will be looking for underage drinking. Don't let you or your child be one of them that are caught.

If they are they will need to face the punishment and learn a very valuable lesson. There will be tickets written and arrests to be made. Vehicles could be impounded and parents will be called. As a parent I know you will hate to get that phone call. Just know the police are doing their jobs and preventing a much worse call. So have that talk with your teenager before this weekend hits.

Oh and adults if the party is in your house or on your property be ready to face those consequences too. You don't have to be that cool parent. It is not cool to get yourselves and a bunch of young adults in trouble.

So have that conversation. It will be a lot easier coming this week than the conversation that could happen otherwise. We applaud Amarillo Police for trying to save many of our young teenagers lives. Please have that talk now.

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