On a recent trip through Colorado and New Mexico, I realized there's at least one thing Texas has that those two states do not (from what I saw). It's something that most people might overlook. You would be forgiven for never noticing it before. That doesn't mean it can't be a point of Texan pride.

We still have our mile marker 420 signs.

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Why Is There No Mile Marker 420 In Colorado?

While traveling through the states of New Mexico and Colorado recently, I noticed something odd. When driving, I like to keep track of what mile marker I'm near in case of an emergency. As I was going on my merry way, the mile markers skipped the number 420.

I giggled, as anyone who thinks Pineapple Express is a great achievement of the cinematic arts would. Then, I found out the reason why.

In Colorado, for instance, they changed the sign to mile marker 419.99. The reason? People kept stealing the 420 sign which, unfortunately, makes sense. When driving through New Mexico, the mile markers simply went from 419 to 421. Either someone made off with the 420 sign, or it's been purposefully skipped.

Where Are The Mile Marker 420 Signs In Texas?

Well, we do have an exit 420. According to this article, there are a couple of mile markers still left in the state. Supposedly you'll find them on I-10 and I-20, ironically enough.

There's also this map of mile markers in Texas, which is mind-blowing. All of the green you see is individual mile markers. You'll need to zoom in to see the individual mile markers..

While other states may flaunt the fact that they have "legalized it," we can at least fire back with the fact that we still have our signs mostly intact.

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