Can you guess what the Texas candle smells like?

A company called 'Homesick' produces candles that are supposed to make you nostalgic for your home state. For example, their Georgia candle is scented with sweet tea and peach. They even separated Northern California (which smells like pear and redwood) and Southern California (cactus, orange, and the ocean).

They don't have a scent for every state yet, but they have 26 so far. Each candle has a black outline of the state on the front.

The Texas candle is scented with leather, cotton, and sage.

Here are what the rest of the candles smell like:

  • Florida: orange, sea mist, driftwood
  • New Jersey: Jersey Shore (reviews say it smells like ice cream, ocean breeze, and fried dough)
  • Massachusetts: apple cider donuts and Dunkin Donuts coffee
  • Michigan: Indian Summer, cherries, chocolate
  • Washington: cherries, coffee, rain
  • New York: apple and pumpkin
  • Ohio: carnation and honeysuckle
  • Virginia: honeysuckle and forest floor
  • Illinois: grain fields, violets, and lavender
  • Minnesota: winter air and apple strudel
  • Louisiana: magnolia, honeysuckle, country jasmine, and sweet potato
  • Oregon: pine tree, hazelnut, pears
  • Arizona: desert sand and blue agave
  • Wisconsin: Kringle cookies, cranberry, and winter air
  • Tennessee: magnolia and single-malt whiskey
  • North Carolina: blackberries and vinegar BBQ sauce
  • Pennsylvania: chocolate and molasses
  • Maryland: salt water and Old Bay
  • Kentucky: bourbon, mint, and other local scents (no reviews available)
  • South Carolina: magnolia and sweet tea
  • Indiana: kettle corn, hay, and denim
  • Colorado: mountain spruce and ski lodge
  • Vermont: fall foliage, maple syrup, apple pie

The candles are each $34.95, but are currently $5 off on the website.

You can find Homesick candles here.

What smells remind you of home? Comment below!

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