Why waste your money on expensive cologne?  There's a way for guys to smell better and become more attractive.  And it's cheaper too! A new study in the journal Evolution of Human Behavior found that men who eat large quantities of fruits and vegetables actually smell better to women. Researchers collected sweat from 43 different men before nine women smelled each sample. The results showed that women prefer sweat with sweet, floral scents.

Men, who have high-protein diets that include lots of meat, eggs and soy, also have agreeable odors.

Men, who ate a lot of bread and pasta were found to have the worst smelling sweat of the bunch.

So which fruits and veggies are best to eat?  Here's a list:

Raspberries.  Good source of fiber and are low in sugar and carbs.

Kale.  A cup of raw kale provides 460 percent of your daily vitamin K, 74 percent of your vitamin A and 107 percent of your vitamin C.

Blueberries.  The antioxidants found in blueberries are associated with good memory and better brain function

For the complete list, click HERE to visit SFgate.com.

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