Do you have a green thumb? I like to think I do. Only when it comes to certain items. I love having a vegetable and herb garden every year. Not only is it something that benefits me every year but something that will help when I go to sell my home.

Having a set garden area is great. One that you can easily plant new plants the following year. Yes, there will be the usual pulling of weeds. That is in any flower bed or garden bed. If you can have an area that is free of grass every year. Oh that is a gardener's dream.

Plus just think of all of the great food you can bring to the table, literally. Tomatoes seem to be the number one item that is in most vegetable gardens. It is really one of the most versatile vegetables out there. You can make so much out of them. I just love making a fresh salsa. You can use them to make spaghetti sauce. You can fry them, puree them, saute them. Just so many things.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

People also seem to be big in planting different squashes. They are easy to maintain and can also spruce up any meal. You can use them in a stir fry, that tops my list. Have you tried to make zoodles out of them. They are like noodles but strictly out of your squash or zucchini. Plus this is Texas you really can't go wrong frying anything. That includes squashes.

You can really win with your vegetable and herb garden if you look to plant perennial plants. Stuff that keeps coming back. Those will help bring you joy and anyone who moves in down the line. Herbs are the easiest to keep growing year after year. Think of adding oregano, mint, thyme, sage and chives to your herb garden. There are even veggies you can add to the mix including sweet potatoes and some spinaches.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Oh how a garden is nice to have. It helps you, your home and is great to feed your family. Plan on having an area in your yard to devote to just a nice garden and you will be so ahead.

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