If At First You Don't Succeed - Try Try Again
This past weekend I took a trip to Home Depot on Georgia. I wanted to make a plan for my garden. I take this time every year. Now I know the crazy Amarillo weather and heck we can still get another freeze. That didn’t stop half of Amarillo being there doing the same thing I was. Scoping out w…
Let's Go. It's Garden Time Here In Amarillo
One thing is for sure, if you ever thought about growing your own garden, now is the time. With all of this food shortage and stay at home orders we have lived through this past month; growing our own food is needed.
You can Help the Garden at the High Plains Food Bank
Every year when Spring rolls around the High Plains Food Bank plants a huge garden so that the people they serve can have fresh fruits vegetables on their table.  A lot of the food grown in the garden also goes to the HPFB Kids Cafe program.  It takes a lot of time and planning to help a garden this…