We are not getting out of our house as often as we would like. We are making fewer stops at the grocery store. So we want to make sure that our groceries last as long as they possibly can.

Nothing is worse right now than going to your refrigerator and noticing all the produce needs to be trashed. Or that the cheese is out of date and smells funny. So what can we do?

I was scrolling online. I was looking for the best way to keep our foods fresh. There are products you can buy from Amazon, walmart.com or just as you stop at a store. There has to be other suggestions. Maybe something that won't really cost you much. Stuff you may already have at home. I hit the motherload. I found an article on Buzzfeed that helped me on this journey.

When you go shopping and you buy all that produce you really want it to stay fresh as long as you can. If not you are just throwing money away. So as soon as you get home take that produce and wash it. Mainly that is because we are in the middle of the coronavirus so the safer the better. You just have to make sure that you dry it off. Oh, and dry it off as best as you can.

Do you have a lot of chicken, vegetable or beef broth? Maybe you make a ton to have on hand. Well freeze it baby. Use an ice tray. Usually those recipes only need a bit....so an ice cube can be the perfect size. So yeah freeze it.

I never thought about this but if you buy fresh herbs you can actually keep them fresher longer by putting them in a glass with water. Preserve them like you do fresh flowers. Give it a go.

I just threw away a bag of spinach. I hate wasting food. I didn't know that if you put a paper towel in with your lettuce or spinach the towel will absorb the moisture. It will keep your greens from all the sogginess I experienced. Ugh....where was this a few days ago?

So do you have any other tips? We are more than likely cooking more. We are trying not to waste money. So comment below.

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