Usually putting up your groceries is the first thing you do when you walk in from the grocery store. You need to get your frozen items in the freezer, canned goods in the pantry....and all the produce.

Some you put in the fridge and some you will keep out on your counter. It just depends on what you bought. Should there be an extra step because of Covid-19? It probably would be a good idea to wash that produce before you put it up. Maybe you do that anyway.

It would be a good idea to make sure if you haven't before to start that now. What do you use to wash everything down? Certainly not bleach. Don't spray it down with a disinfectant spray or even a wipe. Good ol' plain dish soap is the best option.

Just like washing your hands you know that soap and water is the best bet for fighting viruses. Using hand sanitizer is really only recommended when there is not soap and a sink nearby. The reason behind this is because that soap and water destroy that barrier of the virus and kills it.

There is no dancing around the subject that is what we want to do. We want to kill that virus and soap and water is the best way. So when you get home go ahead and fill up that kitchen sink with warm water and squeeze in some dish soap. Go ahead and grab that dishcloth and get to washing. The most important thing when you are all done is to make sure that you are extra diligent in drying your produce too. Extra moisture can lead to the produce spoiling faster. Don't give it that chance. Grab a towel and dry everything.

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