The Texas Senate approved a bill that would let restaurants across Texas admit patrons and their dogs to outdoor areas — a measure based on an Austin ordinance.

The proposed law does not allow Fido, to come inside and take a chair at the table. He can't walk through the restaurant to get to the outdoor area. There must be an entrance on the outside.

Sen. Kelly Hancock, the Republican author of the told senators that he believed it's time for Texas to reflect, the response Austin has had, permitting dogs in outdoor areas of restaurants.

“A good idea is a good idea,” Hancock said.

Fido must stay on a leash and may not sit in a chair, and no food may be prepared on the patio. Hancock’s bill would also overturn city regulations that impose more stringent rules on dog-friendly restaurants.

The bill was sent to the House on a 30-1 vote.

Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, was the only Senator who voted “no” saying he was"taking a stand" for local control and against state efforts to tell cities how to handle their business.

Would you bring your dog to a restaurant patio? Would it bother if a leashed dog, is on the patio or outside area?

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