Texas has recently come out on top in another recent study. This time it was a look at one of the more expensive aspects of celebrating the holidays. BetOhio.com recently conducted a survey to see how much people plan on spending over the holidays, and once again, everything is bigger in Texas.

The Number One State For Holiday Spending In 2023 Is Texas

According to the study, Texas is large and in charge when it comes to dishing out holiday bucks. Supposedly, those of us in the Lone Star State will be spending around $816.70 on average this holiday season. That's a lot of dough.

The second biggest holiday spender in the US is Indiana, which is spending $721.90 in 2023.

According to this study, about 61% of us have already started doing our Christmas shopping ahead of December 1.

 The Crazy Part Is That We're Actually Spending Less This Year

I did some digging to see what our spending this year is projected to be like compared to last year, and despite the hefty price Texans are willing to pay in 2023, it's actually less than in 2022.

According to this study that was done, spending as a whole is expected to be down a bit. The interesting thing about the study is that it states spending on gifts will actually go up. It's the non-gift items that we're going to take out of our budget for the holidays in 2023.

Another interesting finding was that younger generations are planning on spending less on gifts this year, while those 45 and up are expecting to spend more on gifts.

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