Some days you just need a margarita.  They are yummy.  My favorite are frozen.  However, you definitely have to have one on National Margarita Day which is today!  So here's the best places in Amarillo to get a margarita.


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    Bracero's Mexican Bar and Grill

    If you happen to be on 6th Street and you are looking for some authentic Mexican food or one of the best margaritas for a great price then Bracero's is the place to be to celebrate!

  • Lori Crofford
    Lori Crofford

    La Fiesta

    I'll admit, I'm not a big drinker and I don't drink a whole lot of margaritas, but the Dos Ritas at La Fiesta are yummy.  I would suggest this one today if you are celebrating National Margarita Day.

  • Yelp via Nathan L
    Yelp via Nathan L

    Ruby Tequila's

    With a name like Ruby Tequila's you know they are going to have a great margarita.  Stop by today for a quick happy hour after work or even make plans for dinner.  Also, you have to try their Sangria/Margarita Swirl as well, you won't regret it.

  • Yelp vis Chris F
    Yelp vis Chris F

    On the Border

    If you are watching what you eat and still want to enjoy a margarita then you need to try the Skinny Lime Margarita

  • Yelp via Cheri Y
    Yelp via Cheri Y

    Tacos Garcia

    Not only do they have a great margarita.  They have a long list of great margaritas!

  • Yep via Porsche C.
    Yep via Porsche C.


    You can find a great margarita in the least likely place.  But according to one of our listeners Applebees has the greatest margarita.

  • Yelp Via Michelle P
    Yelp Via Michelle P

    El Tejevan

    Not only does El Tejevan have great food, their barbacoa burrito is the best, but the margaritas are great as well.

  • yelp via Alyce T
    yelp via Alyce T

    Aspen Creek

    Aspen Creek if fairly new in Amarillo, however they have some really great drinks including the margarita.  In fact one of my co-workers told me yesterday, I had to try a margarita from Aspen.

  • Yelp via Alyce T
    Yelp via Alyce T

    Joe Daddy's

    Looking for some great BBQ or a steak or a chicken fry, but still want your margarita today.  Then try one of Joe Daddy's margaritas as an appetizer to your meal.

  • Yelp via Joe S.
    Yelp via Joe S.

    Saltgrass Steakhouse

    Prime Rib and a margarita, heck yeah.

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