So when it comes to salad most people find them blah.  You know rabbit food.  I made a salad last night to go with our chicken and it was just eh.  That's why I have found the best salad in the world. 

OK it may not be the best salad in the world but it is the best one I know of, and I love to eat it regularly.  It really isn't complicated and it doesn't have a ton of ingredients.

It may be the meat that makes it the best.  It could be the cheese.  On second thought it might be the black olives.  Nah, it's probably the ranch dressing.

With all that said, I think the Pizza Planet Chef Salad is the best in the world.  I find myself craving these salads.  Now I don't get their traditional chef salad because I'm not a fan of pork products and the original has canadian bacon and bacon bits on it, however, they do substitute turkey and it is YUM!

So the next time you are craving a salad, give the folks at Pizza Planet a call and tell them you want one of their chef salads.  The great thing is, Pizza Planet delivers.

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Where is your favorite place in Amarillo to get a salad?