As of tonight consider me grounded! I am a slave to my TiVo!

I have every TV show known to man, that I HAVE to watch, set up to record on my TIVO.

OMG! I am so excited for "This is US" to start on Tuesday. It is my guilty pleasure show! If I was one to cry this would be the show I would cry to!

Coming up on Wednesday's on ABC will be another tearjerker, I feel. "A Million Little Things" which is a show about suicide. I feel this is a much needed show to get us talking and sharing our struggles. I also feel this is the new "This is Us" it has Ron Livingston! Score!

This week has way too many shows to watch! "Big Bang Theory", "Young Sheldon", "The Goldbergs", "The Good Place", "Mom", "Law and Order: SVU".....oh and the resurrected "Last Man Standing". Just to name a few!

I don't know what to do! Do I stay grounded or try to keep up? I feel the rest of my life will be devoted to my TIVO.Oh and "American Horror Story: The Apocalypse" is starting this week too! That is it! I am finished!

Help me! I may be grounded forever! I will have no time to do anything else but catch up on my shows....but at least I will be happy!

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