I feel like after last night that I lost some really good friends. There are a few times in my life this has happened.

There have only been a few television show endings that made this kind of impact.

The first time I really noticed was when I watched the series finale of "Cheers". The last time we heard them all scream out "Norm" at that place that everybody knows your name. That was in 1993 and I remember hanging out at The Clubhouse here in Amarillo to watch it.

That was back when The Clubhouse was still a sports bar. Before all the "other" businesses it turned into. A big group of people all came together to say goodbye to Sam, Carla, Cliff, Woody and the rest of the cast.

Then next was "Seinfeld". You know the show you can still catch on syndication. The show about absolutely nothing. Oh but it was about a lot. Another group of friends gone. That was back in 1998 and I remember it like it was just yesterday. The ending was pretty horrible. Almost "Game of Thrones" bad.

This list would not be complete until the gut wrenching ending to "Friends". I wasn't ready for that one to be over. I watched that show from the very first "How you doin?" to the very last key got turned in. The ending to that was pretty satisfying. I liked that Rachel got off the plane. That Monica and Chandler got their home and were moving in with their babies. It was good.

Then came last night. "The Big Bang Theory". I spent 12 years with Sheldon, Leonard and Penny. Would Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize? How would things end with Penny and Leonard? Would that elevator finally get fixed. Really, that was one thing I wanted to get resolved. That darn elevator.

I am not going to spoil anything for you if you missed it last night. I will say that I was again very pleased. I even almost had a tear. I mean this was another group of friends in my life gone. Luckily they will live on in syndication.



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