If you're up for a challenge, that will push all of your skills, patience, and eternal happiness, try driving up and down Bell Street in Amarillo. It is a test that would have Mother Teresa swearing, spitting, and offering to whip someone's butt.

Amarillo is full of road construction and I have been one of THOSE people who have repeated, over and over, how nice this city will be when it's all finished.

Bell Street is being repaved in both directions, so traffic is combined into one lane, for several blocks, with hundreds of your fellow residents. I don't really mind that, because progress is never easy.

Let's discuss what I saw this morning. Apparently, there are people who think the sign that says "All Traffic Right" doesn't mean them. Until they see, driving wherever they damn well like, is not an option. Then, they look for someone to let them in. If the first 3 or 4 cars won't let them in, they'll lay on their horn. And start flipping people off.

Nothing makes me want to be generous and courteous, than a car horn. I'd like to get out, walk over to their car, and say " Oh, I'm SO SORRY. I didn't know it was you. PUH-lease...just pull out in front of me. My life's wants and needs, got in YOUR way. FORGIVE ME." Normally, I just laugh when I see someone get hosed, for not following the rules.

Perhaps, today is not the day to speed up the street at 90 mph. Texas is a state that can double traffic fines, in a construction zone. There are men and women working in the middle of the street, heavy equipment, and traffic cones, all up and down Bell. Driving through them, like your are Batman, if illegal, reckless, and down right dangerous. If you get caught, the fine..doubles. Unless someone gets hurt, then you're looking at jail time.

Maneuvering around construction is hard enough without having to deal with drivers, who need to be where they are going, five seconds earlier than you. Let's all be nice. Let the crews do their jobs and able to go home to their families after work. Take your time, or take Coulter. Or Western. If you have to be on Bell, slow down, watch for knuckleheads, and just think how nice the road will be, will new asphalt. Ahhhhhh. Smooth.

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