We pay taxes out of every single one of our paychecks, so that's why we get excited in the beginning of the year because we know we have money coming our way.  I'm the first to file when I get my documents because I want that money. So for those of us that get a Tax Return, we have big, big, plans for that green.  So here are some perks of a tax return.

Tax return check


You get to go shopping, you get to buy that new outfit you have had your eye on.  You get to pick out those items you have been wanting forever but couldn't afford.  You get to enjoy something nice for a change.  It could be a TV, furniture, clothes, a new purse etc.  For me it's a shopping trip to Sam's Club and a new hair dryer and flat iron.

Pay Off Bills

You get to pay off those bills that have been piling up and once they are paid off you can take a deep breath.

Plan a Vacation

You can put money down on a Summer vacation.  Vacations are a much needed time away from work and if you aren't taking a vacation, what are you thinking?  Use some of that money and plan a trip now.

Start a Nest Egg

Most of my tax returns goes into a savings account.  I have some fun, I go shopping, I pay off bills and I plan a vacation, but I also stash most of it, for that "rainy day".

So what do you do with your tax return?

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