When you type "Amarillo Texas" into the search bar on YouTube, you are instantly lost in a sea of videos of King George singing that song about getting to Yellow City by breakfast time. What if we removed the iconic song from the search results? What would be left?

Here are the top 5 Amarillo YouTube videos that aren't "that" song.

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Adam Tries The Burger From Hell! - 12M Views

That's Adam as in Adam Richman. His trip to Amarillo is a legendary one. It kicked off the Man V Food series.

One of his stops in Amarillo was at Coyote Bluff. It was there he came to face to face with the Burger From Hell.

This video has amassed 12 million views, making it the most watched "Amarillo" YouTube video that doesn't have anything to do with a song or George Strait.

Inside Edition Covering The Shayden Story - 4.6M Views

It was the story that broke everyone's heart. The good news is that it had a happy ending. There was a crowdfunding effort that generated a ton of money for Sayden and his family, and there was a big play date that was organized to help Shayden make tons of friends.

This particular video covering the story has scooped up 4.6 million views.

Katina Eats Destroys The 72 OZ Steak Challenge - 4.2M Views

You knew there would be at least one of the 72 oz steak challenges in the list. Interestingly enough, it's not one that features the infamous Molly.

Molly was the one who basically set the bar for anyone who ever does the challenge. She even went so far as to eat two of the meals just prove her point.

Katina's steak challenge has brought in 4.2 million views. That means she's been seen scarfing down steak 4.2 million times. I wonder if it feels weird knowing you've been seen eating a meal that many times by people just staring at a screen.

Two Semis Blown Over - 1.2M Views

Two things I need to mention. First, this video was beat in view counts by two other videos. However, those videos were "Best Places To Live" and "Worst Places To Live." I didn't feel like dealing with that kind of mental whiplash.

Second, this video is gnarly. Consider this a warning before you click play.

So, this video makes my guts do weird things. Really, really hoping the drivers wound up okay. According to the video description, this was one of those days where the wind was gusting up to 80MPH and it had some nasty results.

This video raked in 1.2M views, and wound up 4th.

That "Thing" That Was Hanging Out Near The Zoo - 1.1M Views

We all remember this news story. In fact, I was the one who wrote our local piece. I remember the insanity that followed fondly.

This video comes from KTLA. That's in Los Angeles.

This insane photo made it's way coast to coast, and even landed in other countries.

For one bright moment, the Amarillo Zoo entertained the whole world; and we still have no idea what the hell that thing really was.

There's Your Top 5

That's the top 5 Amarillo YouTube videos. To figure this out, I searched for "Amarillo Texas" and then filtered the results by number of views; hence the reason why I kept referring to how many views each video had. It's really technical scientific stuff that I'm doing over here.

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