There is a time after a man leaves home and before he gets married. He's on his own and he can put his stuff, wherever he wants. Look in his fridge, and you might see a six pack, a jar of mustard, and some takeout, he brought home weeks ago.

Ah, but his inner sanctum is his bathroom. This ladies, is who he is. Who is ...really is, deep down. There is a Twitter thread out now, where women are sharing the weirdest thing they've ever seen in a guy's bathroom. Here's a few of the better ones:

1. A drawer full of shaved body hair. Who keeps this? Why? Maybe to recycle?

2. A barbecue grill in the shower. Does he store it there? Does he grill there?

3. A turtle living in the in the bathtub. Ok, I get this one but does it have anything to do with the grill? Does he move it out to shower?

4. A toilet plunger with a "Star Wars" light saber as the handle. Ladies, this a peek into the boy behind the man. You'll see him again.

5. A toilet paper roll holder that's just a bungee cord. Be thankful there is TP in is bathroom at all.

6. A stick of butter with one bite missing. Is his bathroom colder than the fridge? Who bit it? Why?

Once a man gets married, he probably will share the bathroom with his spouse. Full time is o-v-e-r. Pot Pourri makes it's first appearance along with those little plants. Men discover toilet paper comes in other colors, besides white. The BBQ grill in the shower, makes way for several bottles of shampoo and conditioner. A WOMEN's razor with shaving cream in a can with flowers on it.

What is the weirdest thing, YOU have seen it a man's bathroom? Let's us know in the comments below!

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