I was reading a survey today about one in nine kids get the worst Christmas gifts from their grandparents.  That got me to thinking, we have all gotten a Christmas present we have opened, faked smiled, and thought this is the worst present ever.

So with that said, I went on a mission to find the worst Christmas present ever.

For my

Charlie with Mix Mornings:

I had a extremely religious Aunt and she gave me a cheap plastic framed photo of Jesus one year.

Gary B:

I got a motion sensor nite light for the toilet, so when you get up in the middle of the night, and you walk forward the toilet it would make the water glow so you could pee without spraying it everywhere

Diane C:

An egg timer, (the timer on my oven was broken)

Stacy D:

Bath Towels

Amanda S:

 Photo holding coasters like the free gift from JCPenney’s Black Friday

Lauren A:

When I was a kid, my great aunt Edna sent me one of those Blossom hats. It wasn’t popular fashion anymore and I felt too old for it, but my mom made me take a photo in it to send to her and I felt so silly. I think I was 13. My mom still LOVES that silly photo.

Joette C:

The one time I peeked at my gifts early I was probably 13-14 and found the ugliest purse ever. It was horrible.

Kimberly G:

A chia pet of some character I had no clue of. Never opened the box and don't know what happened to it.

Demita C:

I wanted a car when I was 16 and I got a wrapped up key chain with NO key ! Talk about disappointed. I did finally get one though 3 months after Christmas.

Roland T.:

A woman’s leather jacket

Chelsea W.: 

My first Christmas back home (I’m from the DFW area) as a college student. 18, so I was super cool. I opened...snow shoes. It doesn’t snow like that here!!! And those weird metal contraptions were U. G. L. Y.

Cha T:

A flashlight, BUT there were keys in it for a car, my parents are funny

Shania W: 

A cookbook of salads

Jessica R:

A box of toilet paper from my grandmother


My second marriage was about six months old in 1998, when my lovely new bride gave me this as my primary present for Christmas.  The presents got worse over the years, but I was numb to it by then. Cheetor from Transformers: BeastWars.

Amanda W:

Ok, this is kinda of a long story. I was 8 years ago and my grandmother gave me the book The lion the witch and the wardrobe. Which is a great book. However I am severely dyslexic and I didn’t learn how to read until I was 23. So I was a bit upset. She was very aware that I cannot read.

Jesenia S: 

Two years ago my sister gave me an ugly sweater set that was too small, then a week later for my birthday asked if I didn't like it she would take it. I think that was her plan all a long

Michelle J:

A woman's gown that had been stolen from a nursing home with the her name written in it.

Jennifer T:

A half used perfume set knock off of some Paris Hilton perfume. She felt awful that I showed up with presents for her family but had nothing for me, it still went in the trash.

and last but certainly not least,

Cynthia L: 

A little Bell to wear around my neck, from an adult who was spiteful, she is no longer in the family

Goodness, those are some really bad gifts.   Share yours with us!

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