Valentine's Day was yesterday and I hope you had a wonderful time and received a ton of love.  Well now,  that Valentine's Day is over here's some things to do.

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    Discounted Candy

    Retail stores will now start selling the Valentine's Day candy at a huge discount.  This means chocolate.  Chocolate is expensive these days and who cares if it comes in a heart or has a heart on it, it's cheap chocolate or candy for that matter.

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    Cheap Flowers

    If you love fresh flowers, then go save a ton on flowers that weren't purchased.  Heck, get your self 5 dozen roses for the same price it would have cost for just 1 dozen on Valentine's Day.

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    Cheap Cards and Decorations

    Why not stock up on Valentine's Day cards, crafts, stuffed animals, etc.

    If you love to craft or create or send cards, get them today at a deep discount and be ready to go next Valentine's Day!  Save money!

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    Recover from the Sugar Hangover

    Let's face it, yesterday was filled with tons of sugar.  I know in our office we had a ton of sweets and more sweets.  Today, eat a lot of protein and drink a lot of water.  The sugar hangover is real.

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    Tell Someone You Love Them

    Why should Valentine's Day be only about love, tell someone you love how much you love them today.  Everyday should be filled with the spirit of Valentine's Day.

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