In a press release put out earlier today by the City of Amarillo, they detailed plans for the water treatment facility at Hollywood Road. The plans are regarding some much needed repairs at the facility, which is honestly some great news.

According to the press release, the water treatment facility at Hollywood Road was built in 1965. The press release goes on to state that since then, there has been little done in the way of improvements on the facility.

At one point, it's even pointed out that the issues that exist at the plant are issues that have existed for decades.

The good news is that there is finally some meaningful work being planned for the facility. The current City of Amarillo budget has set aside $17 million for the work needed at the Hollywood Road Water Treatment Facility, according to the press release.

What I found most fascinating is how much we depend on this one facility. The press release points out that the Hollywood Road facility is the only one that handles septic waste disposal for the Amarillo area, and for outside city limits.

The River Road Wastewater Plant doesn't have the necessary permit from the state to handle such material. By the way, that one was built in 1927 according to the press release.

It is great news that the issues facing this facility are finally being looked at, and it sounds like the work is going to be done that needs to be done. Fingers crossed it's completed sooner rather than later.

You can see the recent presentation made to the city council regarding the Hollywood Road Water Treatment Facility by following this link.

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