So when Covid hit back in March a lot of businesses shut down. They became online only. Even a lot of doctor appointments became a Televisit. Which was kind of cool. We also were all told that if our tags on our car expired not to worry about it.

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Well that is coming to an end. Mine expired back in March. So I got my inspection and then got online and renewed. This was before covid even hit. I wish I wouldn't because I could have saved me some money.

I mean according to a post I saw on Facebook yesterday from the Amarillo Police Department the temporary waiver ends on April 14th. So about the same time as the tax deadline. That has to be some kind of good news. Right? Oh and I will already be due for my next years registration. Yay me.

I, of course, wouldn't wait until the deadline as I am sure that will up your wait time to get your car inspected. Oh and if you happen to be one of those who like to wait in line instead of going on-line. I don't get that but hey. Who am I to judge. I am simple and like to get the inspection and go online the next day to renew my tags and registration. Waiting too long could cause a delay in getting it mailed off to you.

Here is the official word:

Important information from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
& ,
The temporary waiver of certain vehicle title and registration requirements, announced by Governor Greg Abbott on March 16, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will end on April 14, 2021.
Texans have until April 14, 2021 to complete their transactions.
If your vehicle registration sticker is expired or expires this month and you have not renewed, you should make plans to renew by April 14, 2021.
It is not necessary to wait until the deadline to complete any overdue transactions as motorists have several renewal options.
. : Visit or This is the quickest and least expensive way to renew. Save $1 if you renew online. Online renewal is available up to nine months past your registration expiration date.
. : Return the bottom portion of your registration renewal form, payment and other required information to your county tax assessor-collector.
. : Visit the office of your county tax assessor-collector. In many counties, in-person renewal is also available at other locations, such as certain grocery stores. Contact your county tax office to check hours and locations.
Reminder: Before renewing registration, Texans will need to obtain a passing vehicle inspection at the state vehicle inspection station of their choice, unless their vehicle is exempt from inspection requirements.
The expiring temporary waiver covers the following services:
• Initial vehicle registration.
• Vehicle registration renewal.
• Vehicle titling.
• Renewal of permanent disabled parking placards.
• 30-day temporary permits.
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue driver licenses or state ID cards. Texans should contact the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) at for these services.

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