In case you haven't heard yet, Amarillo's Sod Poodles have announced their alternate identity...their alter-ego...for this upcoming season. As you would expect with minor league ball, it's wacky as hell and makes you roll your eyes. Which, is exactly what it's supposed to do.

However, I think they didn't go far enough with just calling themselves "Calf Fries." So here are some ideas to get us going.

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1. The "Don't Tell The Kids What These Really Are"

About 12 years ago I watched, to much personal amusement, as a friend of mine tried to convince his child to give calf fries a try. It was a gut-bustin' good time, watching him describe the food without ever saying what it really is.

Why go through the trouble? I think the answer is obvious. If the kid knew the truth, they wouldn't be too keen on wolfing down a plate.

2. The High Plains Ouchies

This one works really well with the logo of the bull with his back turned, if you've seen it. He looks like he just went through an amateur surgical procedure and probably could have had a better time doing pretty much anything else.

3. The Chewy Nuggets

Let's be honest. If calf fries aren't done right, they can be a little...chewy. They can be tough. They can be a little...gamey. Honestly, this might be my favorite name.

4. The "Tastes Like Chicken"

Which is exactly how everyone I know has described calf fries when trying to convince the uninitiated to take the plunge. I'll bet you a million dollars that you will hear at least one person trying to convince someone to give them a try, and they'll use the "they taste like chicken" line to do it.

5. The Deep Fried Baseballs


The first Calf Fries night is April 15. You can find out more by going to the Sod Poodles' website.

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