When it comes to the 80's we had some really cheesy things.  However, one of the best things about the 80's was cereal.  We had some really great cereal and really great cereal commercials.   Here are my top 5 cereal commercials from the 80s in no particular order.

I remember as a kid I would spell out words with my Alpha Bits cereal.  It was fun.  I guess that was the only time I got away with playing with my food.  What ever happened to Alpha Bits.

Cookie Crisp was one of my favorite cereals from the 80s.  Can you even still buy it?  I always loved watching the Cop/Robber commercial on TV as a kid.

I always loved Snap! Crackle! & Pop!  However I chose this 80's Rice Krispies commercial for obvious reasons.  Yay!  Radio!

I loved Apple Jacks as a kid.  The perfect mix of apples and cinnamon.  Plus once that song got stuck in your head then it is there for awhile.  In fact 3 hours from now.  A is for Apples, J is for Jacks will be in my head.

I couldn't have done a 80's cereal commercial post without including Golden Grahams.  This was my favorite cereal of all time.  I still love Golden Grahams.  It is the best cereal ever!

So what was your favorite cereal growing up?  What was your favorite cereal commercial.  Share with us in the comment section below.

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