When it comes to shopping, you spend a lot of money.  I'm not talking fun shopping, I'm talking shopping you have to do like groceries, medicine, etc.  I have found a few apps, that give money back for shopping.   Who doesn't want to earn money back for shopping?

Philip Lange
  • Walmart Savings Catcher

    Walmart Savings Catcher

    I love this feature on the Walmart App.  When you shop at Walmart, just upload your receipt.  Savings Catcher will then search to find anywhere else in the area that has lower prices on the products you buy.  If a local competitor has a lower advertised
    price, you get an eGift Card for the difference.  The amount of money you get back determines on the sales, how often you shop, and how much you buy.   I have been using it since 2015 and have about $45 banked.  But hey, it's money I can get back when I'm ready.

    Savings catcher is usable on the app or online.

  • Checkout 51

    Checkout 51

    I used Checkout 51 a few years ago and recently downloaded the app again.  This one, for me, seems a bit slower on the savings.  You have to specifically buy the items on their list to get money in return.  For example, right now one of their cash back offers is $1.50 cash back on French's Dijon Mustard, however it has to be that specific product.  I have saved about $6 on this one so far.  All I have to do is upload a receipt from the store where I shop.  It could be United, Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens, etc.  If I buy one of the products on their list then I get the cash back.  It's not just groceries, it's a bunch of items including health and beauty as well.  Your account has to reach $20 before you can request a check, but again, you're shopping anyway might as well get some of that money back.

    You can use the app or you can go online as well.

  • iBotta


    I have recently started using this app and I love it.  It works the same as the other apps, but I seem to earn more money with this app.  In the few weeks I have used it, I'm up to $14.  Plus, the more my friends/teammates use it as well, the more we earn.  Not only can you use this app at most  stores, you can earn rewards at, grocery stores, restaurants, Uber, gas stations, retail clothing stores, liquor stores and more.  Sometimes, you can earn cash back just for shopping and uploading your receipt.  The possibilities are endless.

    So if you're interested you can sign up here.

    You can use it online and on the app.