We had to postpone our company Christmas party, due to the approaching winter storm.  It turns out to be a blessing as a list of Secret Santa gifts, people actually want, has turned up. Looks like I might change mine.

Secret Santa is tough as their is usually a spending limit. A new survey looked into what people really want.

Alcohol was the #1 response. People want booze for Christmas. The rest of the top ten is chocolate,...gift cards (LOVE these)... books...candles...money...candy (different from chocolate at #2)...socks (really?)...perfume or cologne...and bubble bath.

A few more than made the list are stationary...plants...make-up...clothing...board games...or a donation to charity in their name.

You know your co-workers better than we do, so put some thought into it. If you do go with alcohol, make sure it's a favorite of the person, getting it. Personally, I love tequila, and hate rum.  Some folks are put off by gift cards, but I love them.

Let us know what you'd like from Secret Santa!

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