The Tri-State Fair will be in Amarillo in less than a month. Honestly, it's only a few weeks away. Here are the top things we're looking forward to at the Tri-State Fair this year.


Funnel cake with powdered sugar

Duh. This is the top thing that a lot of us look forward to. It's useless trying to keep track of how many times a coworker asks you if you want to go get lunch at the Fair.

Looking at their website, it looks like all of our favorites will be back this year. Funnel cake will be abundant in all of the various forms you can find it. Lemonade, massive corn dogs, BBQ, and chicken on a stick will all be there. Of course, the turkey legs are going to be there waiting for you and your appetite.

There's also fried strawberry shortcake, fried ice cream, fried Oreos, fried banana splits, and my favorite fried cheesecake.

The Rides

amusement park carousel

Almost as popular as the food, the rides are back this year. Following the links from the Tri-State Fair to Crabtree Amusements' website, I think we can get a glimpse of what to expect at this year's Fair.

It looks like this year we can expect plenty of the "extreme" rides that will get your pulse up and probably leave your head spinning. There are also a lot of kids' and family rides listed on their site.

Here's a link to their website.

The Shows

Martin Wheeler
Martin Wheeler

This is one of my personal favorite parts of the Fair. The shows are usually something you won't usually see in town, and are entertaining.

This year there's the Extreme Raptor Show. This one is an "avian extravaganza." It's supposedly "birds of prey like you've never seen them before."

Then there's the live shark encounter. It's exactly what it sounds like. You'll be able to see live sharks swimming in a specially designed aquarium.

There's also the Swifty Swine Pig Races to look forward to. At night there's a hypnotist performing, which is always a good time.

The Concerts

Outdoor crowded music concert in summer season

This year, I'm honestly pretty excited about the concerts. Lindsey Lane, Gary P. Nunn, The Great Divide, and Ray Wylie Hubbard will be gracing the Bud Light Stage this year.

I've seen The Great Divide several times and they always put on a good show. Gary P. and Ray Wylie are both legends. Lindsey Lane is high energy and very entertaining. It's a solid lineup.

Events for the Kids

Feeding a small goat at a petting zoo in early spring

The petting zoo is a staple that will be back. There's also a game show that will be taking place called Kid's Celebration Family Game Show that is interactive and involves the whole family.

For more info on everything that will be happening at the Tri-State Fair, be sure to check out their website for the catalog and full schedule ahead of opening weekend.

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