I don't know why, but it seems I've turned into some kind of "go-to" guy when it comes to being naked. Maybe it's my fascination with alternative lifestyles or weird laws. Either way, my editor forwarded a social media post to me, and now here we are having this conversation.

What are the rules, and who makes them, when it comes to ladies ditching their tops in Texas?

First Things First, Ladies. Texas And Its Weird Laws Strike Again.

I've done a lot of digging into this subject, and I have some news that isn't good or bad. Once again we find ourselves hovering in a kind of legal grey area.

According to this resource, it's technically not illegal for ladies to ditch the top in Texas. The weird part is that while being topless may not technically be illegal, you can still catch a disorderly conduct charge.

This source backs up the other and says that while there aren't laws on the books against going topless (we do have laws against flashing your genitals or anus...that's the legal verbiage, not mine), you can still catch a disorderly conduct charge based on your actions.

Yay For Making Things Complicated In The Lone Star State

This website lists Texas as one of the "top freedom in effect" states. It's a website dedicated to legally going topless.

While Texas gets the green light, so to speak, on that site, it also points out that you might still catch a disorderly contact charge for freeing the nipple.

So, What It Is The Best Way To Make Sure You're Good To Go Topless In Texas?

Ask. That's the easiest answer. Check to see if there are any rules regarding being topless in your town. Check with the county if you want to be sure there as well.

It's somewhat headache inducing that there are these grey areas that exist. In the spirit of bodily autonomy and personal freedom I want to shout from the rooftops, "be free!" But, there's this odd chance you can be charged with disorderly conduct.

I suppose it hinges on what you're doing and where you are while you go topless? I'm not really sure.

If you're wanting to go topless, and you're really worried about breaking the law, check with your city and county to see what laws (if any) exist.

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