It doesn't matter how old you are. You know you got excited when you heard their jingle. But soon Toy R' Us will be gone forever.

Toy R' Us has been around since 1948. For decades kids grew up knowing the Toy R Us jingle. Kids and adults will tell you proudly that they were a Toy R Us kid.

Right here in Amarillo we have had a Toy R Us for a long time. It was the place you go to get a toy for a kid who was getting ready to have a birthday or Christmas. It was the place to go to get the latest video game. It was everyone's favorite toy store.

But all good things do have to come to a end. This weekend Toy R Us are closing their doors for good. So they are having a huge sale to get clear out what toys are left.

Credit: TSM D.B. Nyce

If you go, do not expect to see isles of toys. Most of the big items have already been sold. There are few things left. The amount of toys is so small that they were able to fit everything in a few isles by the registers. They had the back of the store blocked off.

Credit: TSM D.B. Nyce

As you leave the store, you will see a cut out of Geoffrey The Giraffe saying " I will miss my Toy R' Kids" We will miss you too Geoffrey.

Credit: TSM