Everyone loves Christmas. You'll probably get a lot of different answers for 2nd place. Some love New Years Eve, others July 4th, but Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday. Turkey, family, and Dallas Cowboys football, make the day special.

I'm one of those "turkey" guys. Remember the dad in "A Christmas Story?" I love turkey that much. I love everything that comes with it. Mashed potatoes, dressing, giblet gravy, and my wife's cheesecake for dessert. My mother-in-law used to make broccoli casserole, with me in mind and would spice it up! I love every minute of it. A month later, we have pretty much the same thing for Christmas dinner.

I can't taste much difference between turkey from the oven and fried turkey. One is a lot more fun and dangerous than the other. I'm all over the turkey...white or dark. Leg or wing. At our house, turkey comes from the oven. I know, because I walk by the oven and whisper encouraging words to the turkey, so it'll know it's expectations.

It all sounds very traditional and it is by design. I know what to expect and I'm happy with the results. We hope your family has a great Thanksgiving, no matter how you observe it.


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