You watch a lot of those sappy movies on the Hallmark channel and everyone is falling in love. It is a magical feeling. Is it healthy for you?

The answer is Yes! A new study found some of the reasons why.

When you fall in love you have a bunch of parts of your brain working together. A total of twelve different parts. When you get your brain that actively involved it is only good news. There will be a lot of releasing of good chemicals.

All of those chemicals leads to a lot of great results for you. Your blood pressure will lower and that is great news. How about you dealing with a lot less anxiety. Nothing but good things there as well.

Falling in love also helps your immune system and your ability to fight off infections. Which in tune also helps you have a high pain threshold.

Finally love can help you have milder allergic reactions.

So they say falling in love is so hard to do.....but in all reality it is the best thing to do. So give love a chance for a much happier and healthier you.

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