We already know a lot of health benefits of having a dog. I mean having a go to walk partner is great for you both. Having someone who loves you unconditionally when you get home from work....that is nice too.

I know there are some trying times too that comes with dog ownership. Yes the puppy stage is cute but that endless whining at night is not. Oh and how about stepping in a cold wet puddle? That really is not much fun.

Having a dog helps your heart. It really does. Just the pure joy you feel everyday when you see how happy they are to see you walk through that door. Let's face it.....our kids and spouses are not as excited.

If you are the one feeding your dog.....don't you just love the warmth that comes over you when they get so excited to see you. Yep it is a real thing. Having a dog is great.

Did you also know that just by telling your dog that you love them....how much good it does them? Somehow they know what you are saying. Their tails go to wagging like nobody's business. What else does this simple gesture do for your dog?

Well their heart rate immediately skyrockets by forty-six percent. Yes they are that excited by those three little words by you. Is your dog anxious? Yep, I can tell your without any uncertainty that mine is.

So curling up with your dog decreases their heart rate by twenty-three percent. So they are healthies because of the "I Love You's" Oh and you are as well. Love on your dog. For the health of both of you.


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