It is time for my daughter's yearly move. I am making my plans to be out of town for a few days. That leaves me with a dilemma. My dog, Chipper, needs to be taken care of while I am gone.

Since the pandemic she really has been use to staying in the house all the time. Since the weather is pretty nice I have been working on getting her use to being outside a bit more. She will need to stay outside while I am gone.

I have a detached garage. I had a doggy door installed so she can get inside if it rains. I have a kennel with doggie beds inside the garage too. She will not be roughing it at all. My concern is feeding her.

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Last time I went out of town I hired someone to come by and feed her. I could do that again but it is only a couple days and I thought maybe I could find a solution. A solution that could save me money in the long run.

I decided to get on Amazon. They seem to always have a product that can save the day. They did for this too. I found a self feeder. Basically I set the time on the feeder. I select how many meals I want to feed her. I also can choose how much it will feed her at each meal time. I can have a bigger meal in the morning and evening. I can also choose a smaller serving as a snack. I can feed her up to five time a day. They thought of everything.

I can even record my voice. I can call my dog when it is time to eat. It makes her excited. Even though I am not home she can still hear my voice and know that it is time to eat.

So even though my dog seems to be high maintenance she is still going to be taken care of while I am out of town.

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