It's a well-known fact that Texas is home to some true culinary wonders. Supposedly, the chicken fried steak was invented here. We've invented or pretty much perfected a whole host of dishes. One of them, though, caught me completely by surprise. Have you ever tried a boudin kolache?

What Is Boudin?

Boudin (pronounced boo-dan) is an absolute culinary delight. It's a cajun sausage that is stuffed with pork, rice, herbs, spices, and whatever else is thrown in. Sometimes that includes gator or shrimp. It's amazing. If you haven't tried it, go find some homemade boudin and treat yourself.

It can be pretty spicy, so heads up if you're spice-adverse.

When Did Texans Start Stuffing Their Kolaches With Boudin?

Texans and the kolache have an interesting history. First, the kolache that we know and love that usually comes with a sausage inside isn't a kolache. A kolache is an "open pastry" that usually comes with some sweet-tasting jelly. What we call a kolache, is actually a klobasnek.

While no one is really sure when Texans got the bright idea to swap out jalapeno sausage for boudin, one thing is for sure. In 2007 it was all the rage in Houston and Beaumont.

Since then, there are parts of Texas that can't seem to get enough of boudin kolaches.

How Is A Boudin Kolache Made?

Since I've never seen one in the wild, I did some digging to see how people were preparing them. I've found a few different ways.

  • Chopped
  • Without the sausage casing
  • Regular (just put the sausage in the dough and call it good)

Chopped and "regular" seem to be the options I would be the most okay with. Taking the filling out of the sausage casing seems like it would make the kolache a bit...messy.

Living in the Texas panhandle, I've yet to see one of these. If there are any daring doughnut shops around that would like to give these a whirl, please be my guest and take my money. Otherwise, you're stuck having to travel east before you find a spot that will make one for you. It should be no surprise that the closer you get to Louisiana, the easier they are to find.

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